Amin Iradji

Amin Iradji – Founder & CEO


What drives us is the passion for innovative technology companies and founders who aspire to make the world a little better through ambition, perseverance and a clear vision.

With our own years of experience as both founders and digital consultants, we are well acquainted with the industry-specific challenges and needs.

We firmly believe that sustainable and innovative products and/or services with high customer value can only be developed and successfully positioned in the market through united efforts and long-term collaboration.

Every day, we strive together with our clients and partners to create something new, exciting, or refine and improve what already exists. Our motto is always “Think Big, Act Small.”

If you are interested in an agile collaboration and share a passion for technology, this could be the beginning of a great and long-lasting partnership.

We look forward to working with you!

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